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MOFCOM Releases July Rural Appliance Statistics

MOFCOM, 8/26/09

Figures from China's Ministry of Commerce show total sales of 4,273,119 appliances under the government's "rural home electronics" initiative in July, up 46.3% MoM, for a total of RMB 8.82 bln in revenues, up 61% YoY. July sales under the initiative included 487,600 television sets for revenues of RMB 718.89 mln; 120,422 handsets RMB 68.24 mln; and 138,604 computers RMB 462.87 mln. Other products sold under the program included refrigerators, electric ovens, air conditioners, water heaters, microwave ovens, and washing machines.

Sales continued to grow stably in all provinces, regions, and municipalities. 19 provinces (regions, municipalities) saw more than RMB 100 mln in sales - two more than had in June. 10 provinces saw more than RMB 500 mln in sales.

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