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China Mobile Gaming Portal Issues Mobile Game Ranking

Marbridge Consulting, 1/31/11

China Mobile's (NYSE: CHL; 0941.HK) mobile game portal has released its "Mobile Game Weekly Download Ranking" for the week ending January 30, 2011.

China Mobile offers both à la carte and package pricing for the games on its mobile gaming portal. À la carte prices range from RMB 2 to 15, while package pricing ranges from RMB 5-15 for bundles of 4-10 games. For example, one RMB 10 package offers six games originally priced at RMB 3 per game. The most common file types are Java (jar, jad) and Symbian (sis, sisx).

The total number of games offered, and break-down by category, on China Mobile's mobile gaming portal during the week was as follows:

Total Games 950
Multi-player online games 29
Single-player games 773
Free trial-play games 89
Special-discount games 59

Rank Game Name Type Weekly Downloads
1 Sanjie Chuanshuo 2 MMO 233,938
2 Tian Jie Online MMO 177,531
3 Fengkuang Tanke ACG 158,782
4 Muzhi Dafuweng ACG 87,887
5 Doraemon Haidaodao Damaoxian Single-player 58,114
6 Zhanshen Fengmo Lu II MMO 56,815
7 Yi Sanguo Online MMO 52,530
8 Zhen - Zhanshen Wushuang Single-player 47,330
9 Siwang Qishi 2 - Bingshuang Julong MMO 41,651
10 Baoxiao Xiyou Zhi Dahua Meihouwang ACG 38,134

Free trial play games are free to download, but users must pay to continue when reaching a certain level or after a certain period of time. ACG = Advanced Casual Game; MMO = Massive Multi-player Online Game.

China Mobile offers three websites where users can download mobile games: its "Mobile Market" mobile app store (, "Mobile Game Portal" (, and "Monternet" ( wireless value-added services portal, although the Monternet features only about ten mobile games. China Mobile sets a higher threshold for games on the mobile gaming portal - most of the games are provided by companies, while most of those on its app store are provided by individuals - and promotes them more aggressively than it does for games on its mobile apps platform.

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