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MIIT: Telecom Service Complaints Down 9.9% YoY in 2011

CWW, 1/22/12

China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) recently released results of its 2011 telecom service quality audits, reporting that a total of 64,786 complaints regarding telecom services were received last year through hotlines operated by MIIT and its provincial-level user complaint processing bodies, as well as through government channels. The number of complaints received in 2011 decreased 9.9% YoY, for an average of 51.4 complaints per million users.

MIIT reports that last year local and long distance telephony services had respective connectivity rates of 92% and 90%, and that all major telecom service compliance indicators were met. Nationwide, overall telecom service tariffs also declined by 5.5% YoY in 2011.

Four separate MIIT audits were conducted throughout the year of telecom services and fee collection, involving the country's three major telecom operators and more than 1,400 telecom services from nearly 500 value-added telecom service providers. Steps have been taken by the involved firms to remedy issues uncovered through the audits, which primarily involved charging more than the advertised fee for value-added services, offering services for which the name does not match the content, and providing paid applications which do not function properly.

MIIT also warned telecom service providers to increase oversight of developers providing paid applications through mobile app stores. This is to include more stringent testing of applications and the requirement that developers provide a clear explanation to users regarding compatibility issues (e.g. on which type of mobile OS or mobile handset model the application can be used), instructions for installation and usage of the application, and pricing details.

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