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Skyworth March TV Shipments Up 19% YoY

Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing, 4/11/12

Consumer electronics manufacturer Skyworth Digital Holdings (0751.HK) has announced its March 2012 TV sales data, with total TV set sales volume increasing 19% YoY to 652,000 units compared to 547,000 units in March 2011.

In March 2012, domestic TV set sales volume increased 17% YoY to 465,000 units. Broken down by product category, domestic sales of flat-panel TV sets increased 36% YoY to 463,100 units, including 360,600 LED LCD TV sets, up 225% YoY. Domestic sales volume of all other flat-panel TV sets decreased 64% YoY to 102,500 units. Domestic CRT TV set sales volume increased 36% YoY to 1,900 units.

Overseas TV set sales volume decreased 24% YoY to 187,000 units. Broken down by product category, flat-screen TV sales increased 74% YoY to 113,500 units, with flat-screen LED LCD TV sales reaching 84,100, up 261% from March 2010, while sales of other flat-panel TV sets decreased 30% YoY to 29,300 units. CRT TV sets sales sank 15% to 73,200 units.

Total revenue from TV sales increased 21% YoY, with revenue from the overseas market up 66% YoY, while revenue from the domestic market increased 16% YoY.

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