Marbridge Daily

February 13, 2012

Xinyou Unveils New 2D MMO

Tencent Tech, 2/13/12

Zhuhai-based Xinyou Technology, the new online gaming venture supported by Beijing-based incubator Innovation Works and Kingsoft's (3888.HK) online gaming subsidiary Westhouse (formerly Season Studio) and founded by former Kingsoft Games COO Zhan Zhenyang, has unveiled its self-developed 2D MMORPG Xiaoyao Jianghu. The game has completed the R&D stage and moved on to the marketing and operations development phase, and is slated to begin closed beta testing in April 2012.

Founded in March 2011, Xinyou Technology has a team of 60 employees, including 40 developers, the majority of whom are from Westhouse's JX Online MMORPG series development team.

Given the current start-up environment, Zhen believes that although a client-based MMORPG is more difficult to develop than a browser or mobile game, it is the only format that can currently support a large-scale virtual society.

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