Chinese Paid Search Report - Q3 2011

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Based on extensive interviews with an established panel of top search engine marketing professionals, empirical research of the major Chinese search engines' new platforms and features, and Marbridge's daily coverage of Chinese search-related news and announcements, Marbridge's Quarterly Chinese Paid Search Survey Report helps readers understand where China's paid search market is heading and which search engines are best positioned to gain revenue market share. A selection of featured topics covered in the Q3 2011 issue of the report includes:

  • CCTV Expose Criticizing Baidu - Motivations behind the mid-August CCTV expose, subsequent MIIT announcement on potential regulation, and possible long-term impact on Baidu.

  • Rise of Sogou - Factors contributing to Sogou's strong gains in search engine market share by both revenue and query volume, and outlook for further share increases.

  • Sina Microblogging Platform - Impact of rapid growth and possible regulation of Sina's Weibo microblogging platform on China's paid search market.

  • Baidu's Drive into Mobile - Evaluation of new products and initiatives launched by Baidu in a bid to strengthen its prospects in the mobile sphere.

  • Advertiser Spending Trends - Advertiser Q3 2011 spending trends and Q4 2011 spending forecasts, including shifts in ratio of spend between search engines and between core and non-core products.

  • Baidu's Foray into Non-Internet Platforms - Partnerships to reach audiences on digital TV, IPTV, and in-vehicle networks and their expected near-term impact on Baidu's performance.

Released October 24, 2011

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