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Guangdong Telecom to Roll Out 50 Mbps FTTx by 2014, 11/09/11

Guangdong Telecom launched its new FTTx network strategy on November 8, announcing that within three years it would offer fiber-optic broadband coverage throughout the province, increasing broadband speeds to 50 Mbps - 10 to 25 times the speed of current ADSL connections. The operator also announced that it would implement a low-price strategy for the service, charging RMB 50 per month for 20 Mbps broadband access (when bundled with a mobile subscription). Guangdong Telecom plans to offer FTTx broadband to 5 mln users within three years - many of whom it intends to transition from its current 13 mln-plus ADSL broadband subscribers.

This year, China Telecom (NYSE: CHA; 0728.HK) will upgrade its home ADSL broadband plans to FTTx broadband, with broadband access to double yearly. Chen Dexing, GM of Guangdong Telecom, said that the operator would offer three broadband speeds - 20 Mbps, 50 Mbps, and 100 Mbps - to home users, and another three - 100 Mbps, 500 Mbps, and 1,000 Mbps - to government and enterprise clients.

Guangdong Telecom announced that it had already completed work on its province-wide fiber-optic backbone, offering 100% coverage for office buildings, government, and enterprise clients throughout Guangdong, as well as coverage for 3 mln home subscribers.

Guangdong Telecom also revealed it currently has 5.5 mln subscribers to its E-Surfing 3G mobile service, making it the province's largest 3G operator.

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