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Sina Microblog Releases Ad Price List

China Business News, 4/16/12

The official microblog account of Chinese internet company Sina's (Nasdaq: SINA) Weibo microblog advertising customer service recently posted the "Q2 2012 Sina Weibo Price List," a sign that Sina Weibo has begun all-out efforts to commercialize the service.

The price listing shows broad coverage for Sina Weibo microblog advertising, ranging from ads on users' PC-based timelines, login ads, and recommended topics to advertising over WAP pages and through mobile clients, with each category having the corresponding ad price clearly listed. Ads on users' "My Timeline" pages, for instance, may be purchased using a CPM (cost per 1000 users) model, starting with lots of 20,000 CPM impressions at the top of the page. Four rotating recommended topic slots per day will be available for advertising in lots of 200,000 impressions. Top-of-screen positions in the iPhone Weibo client will be available for periods of one week or more, at a starting price of RMB 1.4 mln/week, while the same ad position in the Android Weibo client will be priced at RMB 1.05 mln/week. Ads on the Weibo Live Stream ( feed will be priced at RMB 150,000, while ads on Weibo Talk ( will be priced at RMB 150,000 for two impressions.

An industry insider said he had received the Weibo ad price list from Sina one month ago.

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