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China to Strengthen Controls over Recruitment Information Management

MOHRSS, 8/18/17

China's Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security recently published new regulations for job recruitment services that require stronger oversight of recruitment activities, particularly online recruitment activities, following recent incidents where the publication of false recruitment information on recruitment websites led some job seekers to be defrauded.

The regulations require:

1. Local administrative offices must set up mechanisms for both periodic review and spot checking of published recruitment information. They should set up annual reporting and notification mechanisms for human resources service organizations, to provide information to the public about recruitment information. Incentive and punishment systems should be established to reward honesty and punish misleading practices.

2. Human resources services organizations, particularly online recruitment platforms, must perform audits of published information, strengthen reviews of organizations that recruit employees, and require real-name verification of individuals posting recruitment information. Human resources services organizations should track and understand the status of organizations recruiting new staff and workers applying for jobs, investigate and respond to complaints in a timely fashion, and strengthen protection of information regarding applicants and recruiting organizations.

3. Local human resources administrative departments and related government offices must conduct focused programs to clean up online recruitment platforms, and to inspect illegal activities such as false recruitment advertisements and false recruitment information.

4. Local human resources administrative departments should publish lists of reputable human resources services organizations on a periodic basis, to encourage job seekers and employers to use reputable organizations for job searches and recruitment.

Editor's Note: For more information on this topic, please see "Regulators Order Recruitment App Boss Zhipin to Rectify User Management Practices," MD 8/10/17 and "Recruitment Platform Boss Zhipin Implicated in Death of Job Applicant," MD 8/04/17 issues.

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