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Rising Denies Allegations It Framed Competitor

Southern Metropolitan News, 2/18/09

Chinese anti-virus vendor Rising has denounced allegations of corruption and anti-competitive behavior as false news spread by its rival Beijing Micropoint Technology.

Chinese media reports state that Zhao Sizhang, VP of Rising has been taken into custody for allegedly bribing Yu Bing, the former head of Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau's Internet Supervision Department, to frame Micropoint for spreading malicious software as a way to boost sales of Micropoint's own anti-virus software.

Micropoint was formed in 2005 by Liu Xu, the original designer of Rising's anti-virus software and also Rising's former managing director. Later that year, Yu allegedly arranged for a number of companies including 3 anti-virus firms to falsify evidence suggesting that Micropoint's VP, Tian Yakui, also a former Rising employee, was responsible for spreading computer viruses and causing RMB 100,000 in losses. During the police investigation into the matter, Yu spent 11 months in prison, and for close to 3 years, Micropoint was unable to obtain relevant licenses to sell its anti-virus software.

Liu claims that Rising's actions caused Micropoint direct economic losses of RMB 30 mln, and the company is now preparing to sue Rising for compensation.

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