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Developers of Pirated Windows XP Receive Jail Sentences

Netease Tech, 8/20/09

Suzhou's Huqiu District People's Court has made a ruling on the copyright infringement case for Tomato Garden, a pirated version of Windows XP. The company that operated Tomato Garden's website, Chengdu Share Software Net Science and Technology, has been convicted, along with four other defendants, of duplicating and distributing copyrighted software without permission. The subjects will be fined and face criminal punishment.

The prime culprit responsible for Tomato Garden's planning and business operation, Sun Xianzhong, along with studio manager Hong Lei, will both face three and a half years of jail time and pay RMB 1 mln in fines. Over RMB 2.92 mln of the company's illegal earnings will be confiscated, in addition to a fine of over RMB 8.77 mln (a quantity 3 times the amount of its illegal earnings).

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