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Baidu Hooks E-Commerce Sites into Aladdin

DoNews, 7/23/10

Chinese online search company Baidu (Nasdaq: BIDU) has confirmed that it has begun trial operation of a commercial goods search service, now accepting data from a select group of invited e-commerce sites.   Read More...

Rumor: Dangdang to Acquire Mecoxlane, IPO

DoNews, 7/23/10

An industry source has revealed that Li Guoqing, co-president of Chinese B2C e-commerce site Dangdang, met with CEO Gu Beichun of rival e-commerce company Mecoxlane at the start of July for private discussions that reportedly centered on a Dangdang acquisition of Mecoxlane and subsequent IPO.   Read More...

Youku Signs Films from HK, Korean Studios

BiaNews, 7/23/10

Chinese online video site Youku has announced that it has signed strategic partnership agreements with Hong Kong film studio Media Asia and Korea's CJ Entertainment, bringing over 100 of Media Asia's classic movies and 200 of CJ Entertainment's Korean films to Youku's movie channel.   Read More...


Rumor: Soufun Planning USD 300 Mln IPO

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