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Rumor: Blizzard HQ Blames China Office for Leak

Sohu IT, 12/02/10

According to an industry source, Blizzard Headquarters has ordered a full investigation of an accidental release of confidential documents at online game developer and publisher Blizzard China, and is sufficiently impacted by the leak that it will consider changes to the China office staff.

The source revealed that on November 29, a series of documents appeared online containing information concerning upcoming Blizzard products and worldwide release schedules. One document contains the release dates for four years of upcoming World of Warcraft (WoW) expansions, including the fourth expansion in Q2 2012, and the fifth in Q4 2013. Afterward, a previously unknown project, codenamed "Titan," will go online. The documents also indicate two releases of content for the Chinese servers of WoW expansion pack Wrath of the Lich King, to appear before and after the Chinese New Year holiday in early February, 2011.

The source stated that the leaked internal documents also contain player numbers, revenues, advertising budgets and detailed promotional plans for all Blizzard games worldwide.

Blizzard China general manager Ye Weilun has already left his post, to be replaced by former Nokia China business director Dai Jinhe. However, sources inside Blizzard have indicated that Ye's departure had already been announced 6 months ago, and was not related to the leaks.

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