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Sina Microblog Suffers Virus Attack

DoNews, 6/29/11

Internet users noted that on the evening of June 28, a virus began spreading throughout Chinese internet company Sina's (Nasdaq: SINA) Weibo microblogging platform. The official Weibo account for Sina's own financial news channel was among the authenticated accounts affected in the attack. Infected accounts began automatically posting updates with download links for the virus, as well as sending private messages to 'followers' also with infected links. Weibo users whose accounts were infected by the virus said that accounts of their followers who clicked on any of the links were also then infected. If logged in to the site, their Weibo accounts also began automatically sending out virus-infected updates and direct messages.

Later on the evening of June 28, Sina Weibo's official "Weibo Secretary" account issued an update announcing that all malicious links on Weibo had already been removed, and that users' passwords and other personal information had not been affected.

Keywords: Internet Sina microblogging

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