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H3C FY2011 Revenue Reaches USD 1.5 Bln

Netease Tech, 12/06/11

Sun Dehe, VP of network and security products for Hangzhou-based IP technology and solutions provider H3C, said today that H3C had seen sales revenues of USD 1.46 bln for the fiscal year ended October 31, 2011, up 32.7% YoY.

H3C introduced its core switches in 2004 and multi-core switches in 2006. After selling fewer than 2,000 SR switches in 2006, H3C sold more than 5,000 SR switches in 2011, leading China's domestic enterprise network market.

Sun said that Cisco, Huawei, H3C, and Juniper were the only four companies currently offering 100G switches. Early in 2011, H3C released the CR16000 series of routing switches, which is based on its 100G platform and is intended mainly for operators' IP backbone networks and IDC-to-backbone nodes, and is already in commercial use in projects including Shanghai Telecom's IDC and a State Grid project in Hunan. Sun predicted that 100G core switches would be common equipment in next-generation networks, and would gradually see adoption on a wider scale.

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