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Youku Accuses Tudou of IPR Infringement

Youku, 12/16/11

Chinese online video site Youku (NYSE: YOKU) today responded to copyright infringement allegations made by rival Tudou (Nasdaq: TUDO), claiming that Tudou has infringed on Youku's broadcasting rights to more than 60 TV dramas, as well as illegally offering a number of Youku's original productions. According to Youku, meetings between Youku and Tudou's legal representatives have ultimately been unable to resolve issues concerning the alleged violations.

Youku alleges that Tudou has illegally published content to which Youku holds the rights, such as Chinese TV dramas "Wu Zetian: The Untold Story" and "The Emperor's Harem"; Korean talk shows, and Youku's own original productions such as "Old Boys," "Hip-Hop Office Quartet" and "Miss Puff."

Youku states that, due to Tudou's repeated failure to remove the disputed content and allegations that Youku itself is infringing on Tudou's IPR, it will pursue legal action.

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