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Taobao Mall Changes Chinese Name

DoNews, 1/11/12

Hangzhou-based B2C e-commerce site Taobao Mall announced today that it had officially changed its name to "TMall" (, or "Tian Mao" - literally, "Sky Cat" - in Chinese.

A spokesperson for Taobao said the company had chosen the name because of cats' connotations of fashion, sensuousness, and trendiness, as well as their picky nature - all of which conform with the ways in which TMall hopes to position itself.

Daniel Zhang, president of TMall, added that "Tian Mao" was simply a Chinese pronunciation of "TMall," and that despite the addition of Chinese characters to the site's logo, the principles and goals of the company would remain the same. Tiger Wang, senior VP at the Alibaba Group - TMall's parent company - said that the name change had come after long consideration. The announcement had originally been slated for March 31, but was moved up at the request of senior Alibaba management.

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