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Baihe Completes Real Name System Implementation

Tencent Tech, 3/01/12

Chinese dating site has ended the transitional period for real-name registration ahead of schedule, and has now made real-name registration mandatory on its site. As of today, all new and existing Baihe users will be able to make full use of the site's dating services only after undergoing real-name registration.

Baihe CEO Tian Fanjiang said that the site had seen a 20% decline in users, corresponding closely to predictions, over the two and a half-month real-name registration transition period. 80% of existing paying users have switched to real-name registration, as have more than 50% of free users. 90% of active new users have signed up for real-name registration. More than 60% of daily active users chose real-name registration. Since implementing its real-name registration policy, Baihe has seen a 70% drop in complaints about malicious or fraudulent user behavior.

"Real-name registration will increase the quality of marriage-oriented romantic connections," Tian said. "It will provide a professional path for the development of commercial dating site business models, differentiating them from free social networking services." has launched an Android client, and will release an iOS client in the near future. "Right now, only 5% of traffic is from mobile clients," Tian said. "By the end of the year, we expect this to grow to around 40%."

Editor's Note: For more information on this topic, please see "Baihe User Registrations Up Due to Real Name System," MD 1/17/12 and "Dating Site Baihe Launches Real Name System," MD 12/15/11 issues.

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