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China Mobile Releases App Store Mobile Game Ranking

Marbridge Consulting, 4/01/12

China Mobile (NYSE: CHL; 0941.HK) has released rankings for the mobile games offered in its Mobile Market mobile app store as of March 31, 2012.

Top Ten Free Games

Rank Pinyin Name Type Developer
1 Shouji QQ Doudizhu Chess & Board Tecent
2 Shuiguo Renzhe Casual Dreamsky
3 Angry Birds (Rio) Casual Rovio
4 Angry Birds Casual Rovio
5 Kaixin Nongchang-Fengkuang Nainiu Casual Kai Yi Ti
6 Bu Yu Daren Casual Chu Kong
7 Qiasi Mayi Wanmei Ban Casual The9
8 Angry Birds-Yinghuajie Casual Rovio
9 Hongse Jingjie-Jiaqiangban Casual Lian Hong
10 Zhuoheng-Toulan Casual Zhuoheng

Top Ten Paid Games

Rank Pinyin Name Type Developer Price/RMB
1 Jiudian Daheng Casual Soco Soft 11.99
2 Qile Wuxian Chess & Board Individual 1
3 24 Dian Chess & Board Zhangyi 10
4 Longxing Tianxia Youxi Casual Individual 15
5 Zhangyi Shudu Casual Zhangyi 14
6 Huangjin Kuanggong 1 Casual Shenghuoling 1
7 Huanle Dou Dizhu Chess & Board Individual 2
8 Plants vs. Zombies-Chinese Version Casual Tuowei 10
9 Nihao Casual Individual 10
10 Xingxin Casual Individual 10
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