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TCL Multimedia Reveals Cloud Strategy

PR Newswire Asia, 4/10/12

Chinese television manufacturer TCL Multimedia (1070.HK) has recently announced its new cloud-centered strategies and six new cloud-based 3D smart TVs at a press conference. The six new TVs are the Cloud-Bo V8200S, Cloud-Feng V7500, Cloud-Yue E5390, Cloud-Zhuo V7300, Cloud-Ya F3390 and Cloud-Shang E5300. A number of the TVs use the STV OS, a dedicated 3D smart TV operating system.

In addition to the worldwide debut of TCL Multimedia's 2012 cloud products, TCL Multimedia plans to build 25 experience centers to simulate 3D smart cloud life in the PRC this year, and will hold large-scale caravan tours across the country.

Editor’s Note: According to China Business News, TCL Multimedia plans to open 3,000 experience stores in China this year.

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