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Taobao Launches Security Center

Tencent Tech, 7/30/12

Chinese B2C & C2C e-commerce platform Taobao has launched its new Taobao Security Center (, featuring browser, desktop, and mobile versions.

Taobao Security Center provides security tools including security questions and USB key encryption for nine different products, including its website and instant messaging platform Alitalk, and also provides real-time security scoring informing users about their account's current security status.

The PC edition of Taobao Security Center will alert users if any webpage they visit is a phishing site, as well as monitor the system and alert users of any viruses or trojans on their system when they visit Taobao, TMall, Alipay or any other Alibaba Group websites. The software also integrates anti-virus products from third-party providers such as Kingsoft (3888.HK) and Tencent (0700.HK) to detect and eliminate phishing, trojan, or virus malware.

The mobile edition provides real-time security when users log into Taobao websites, Alitalk, or confirm the receipt of orders. The daily security log feature will alert users in real-time of any anomalies so that they can immediately change their password and secure their account. The mobile version also incorporates security features such as voice passwords and one-click file scanning.

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