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Chinese LBS SNS to Sue Facebook

China Youth Daily, 8/20/12

Xiong Wanli, CEO of Chinese location-based service (LBS) SNS, has revealed plans to sue Facebook, alleging that Facebook's Timeline feature infringes on intellectual property. launched a timeline feature on February 9, 2008 that connected all pages and functions on the site to provide a chronological history of each user's activity. Facebook launched its Timeline feature, which organizes all user information, comments and other content in a chronological timeline, in 2011.

Xiong said that the launch of L99's timeline feature was a matter of public record, claiming he has video evidence proving that Mark Zuckerberg attended a lecture Xiong gave at Stanford University where he introduced L99's timeline feature.

Xiong added that US-based law firms had contacted L99 inquiring if the company planned to sue Facebook and offering to represent L99.

Editor's Note: For more information on this topic, please see "Digu LBS Mobile Client Users Reach 200K," MD 8/18/10 issue.

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