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China's H1 2017 Internet User Base Reaches 751 Mln

CNNIC, 8/04/17

China's internet user base reached 751 mln in H1 2017, up 19.92 mln from the end of 2016, among which the mobile internet user base was 724 mln, up 28.30 mln from the end of 2016, according to data in the China Internet Network Information Center's (CNNIC) newly released H1 2017 State of the Chinese Internet Report. Internet penetration reached 54.3% in H1 2017, up 1.1 percentage points from the end of 2016.

Mobile internet users refers to users accessing the internet via mobile handsets.

The proportion of internet users accessing the internet through mobile handsets increased to 96.3% during H1 2017, up 1.2 percentage points from the end of 2016, while 55.0% accessed the internet via desktop computers, 36.5% accessed using laptops, 28.7% accessed using tablets, and 26.7% accessed using smart TV sets.

The following are the percentages of total internet users who accessed various online services in H1 2017:

Top Online Applications by Number of Users

ApplicationUsers (Mln)PenetrationHoH GrowthYoY Growth
Instant Messaging 691.6 92.1%3.8%7.8%
News 624.6 83.1%1.7%7.8%
Search 609.5 81.1%1.2%2.8%
Video 564.8 75.2%3.7%9.9%
Music 524.1 69.8%4.2%4.4%
Shopping 514.4 68.5%10.2%14.9%
Payment 511.0 68.0%7.7%12.4%
Online Mapping 470.0 62.6%1.8%N/A
Gaming 421.6 56.1%1.1%7.8%
Banking 382.6 50.9%4.7%12.3%
Literature 352.6 46.9%5.8%14.6%
Online Live Broadcasting 342.6 45.6%N/A5.5%
Travel Booking 333.6 44.4%11.5%26.6%
Online Takeout Delivery 295.3 39.3%41.6%97.3%
Microblog 290.7 38.7%7.1%N/A
Taxi Booking 277.9 37.0%N/AN/A
Email 263.1 35.0%6.0%0.6%
Car Hire 217.3 28.9%N/AN/A
Education 144.3 19.2%4.8%22.4%
BBS 132.1 17.6%9.3%22.2%
Internet Wealth Management 126.1 16.8%27.5%11.5%
Bike-sharing106.1 14.1%N/AN/A
Brokerage or Fund 68.5 9.1%9.1%N/A

The following are the percentages of total mobile internet users who accessed various categories of mobile service in H1 2017, and is a sub-set of the table above:

Top Mobile Service Categories by Number of Users

ApplicationUsers (Mln)PenetrationHoH User GrowthYoY User Growth
Mobile Instant Messaging667.8 92.3%4.7%10.7%
Mobile News596.2 82.4%4.4%15.1%
Mobile Search592.7 81.9%3.1%13.1%
Mobile Video525.2 72.6%5.1%19.3%
Mobile Payment501.9 69.4%7.0%18.2%
Mobile Music489.3 67.6%4.6%10.3%
Mobile Shopping480.4 66.4%9.0%19.9%
Mobile Mapping440.9 60.9%2.2%N/A
Mobile Games385.5 53.3%9.6%27.5%
Mobile Banking350.1 48.4%5.0%15.0%
Mobile Literature326.7 45.1%7.5%16.2%
Mobile Online Travel299.0 41.3%14.2%28.7%
Mobile Take-out Delivery274.1 37.9%41.4%87.4%
Mobile Microblog258.6 35.7%7.4%N/A
Mobile E-mail215.4 29.8%9.3%24.2%
Mobile Online Education119.9 16.6%22.4%71.6%
Mobile Forums/BBS112.6 15.6%15.6%33.1%

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