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CNNIC Releases Mobile Internet Statistics

CNNIC, 2/18/09

The China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) has released two reports concerning the state of mobile Internet use in China.

According to the "Chinese Mobile Phone Internet Behavior Research Report", 74.6% of mobile Internet users are male, with the number of female users rising and expected to equal the number of male users within 5 years. The report states that 70.8% of mobile Internet users were born after 1980, with 34% reporting they use mobile Internet services multiple times a day.

The report also revealed that mobile instant messaging programs remain the most popular mobile application, used by 31.2% of users. Friend-finding and community applications also made large market share gains in 2008. Among entertainment applications, there were approximately 6 mln active mobile music users, and applications such as mobile blogging and mobile phone TV had approximately 2 mln active users. Business and educational applications such as mobile WAP e-mail service were also developing quickly, with active users reaching approximately 2.4 mln.

According to the "Chinese Mobile Phone Media Research Report", mobile paper service penetration has reached 39.6%, while mobile video is used by 15.7% of users. Of mobile video viewers, 33.1% reported primarily watching films, while 25.6% and 23.6% reported watching variety shows and sports events respectively. Usage fees continue to be listed as the largest inhibiting factor to further industry development with 19.1% of users stating that they think fees for mobile music and video were too high, and that this had an influence on their usage patterns. This was compared to 23.6% of e-book readers, who found that e-books were reasonably priced, with a large number of users obtaining e-books primarily from free WAP portal services.

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